Xoom YouTube Fix

There is no doubt that the Motorola Xoom was a rushed product and people have been complaining about vanished YouTube app. Unfortunately, Motorola is still working on the fix. So, what until then? Here is an unofficial way to get that YouTube app back on your wonderful Honeycomb tablet. Follow these instructions very carefully:


1. In Settings > Applications turn on Unknown sources
2. Open Browser on the device and do a Google search for youtube 2.1.6 apk. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to directly link to the file, but it’s pretty easy to find anyway.
3. Download and install the file.
4. Once installed, do not run it
5. Reboot your Xoom.
6. After reboot, you should see the YouTube icon in Apps > All.
7. A quick check in Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > YouTube should verify, it’s really version 3.0.15 that came back.

Here is the funny this – when Xoom was being previewed, Google and Motorola itself showed off the amazing YouTube app and told us “how awesome it looks”.

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