Tanix TX68 official firmware download

Tanix TX68 is an android PC that comes with Allwinner H618 processor consisting of four ARM Cortex A53 CPUs running at 1.5GHz backed by ARM Mali G31 MP2 graphics card. You can flash official Tanix TX68 firmware to erase all data and get new features. 

Tanix TX68

First, download the firmware from here on to your Windows computer. If you’ve a Mac, install virtual machine and install windows because all flashing tools require windows. 

Once you’ve downloaded Tanix TX68 official firmware, download Allwinner PhoenixCard Tool as well. You would need a USB stick. Make sure you’ve backed up anything important as next step will delete and format the USB stick. 

After that, run the PhoenixCard Tool. Make sure USB stick is plugged in. Select the firmware’s IMG file and ensure Startup is selected in Write Mode panel. Click on Burn to start flashing Tanix TX68 official firmware onto that USB stick. 

Now, turn off Tanix TX68 android TV box, disconnect power cable. Insert USB drive containing the firmware. Keeping flash button pressed, connect the power cable and wait for update to appear on screen. 

Flashing Tanix TX68 official firmware will take around 8 minutes. Do not disconnect the cable while the new firmware is being flashed.