IATV Stick Q3 firmware download for new features and hard reset

New, latest firmware for the IATV Stick Q3 android TV is now available for download. Flashing this firmware will hard reset IATV Stick Q3, deleting all data stored on it.

IATV Stick Q3 firmware download

First, download IATV Stick Q3 firmware from here on your windows computer. This is a zip file package and unzipping it will give you flash tool and flash ROM, which contains the actual firmware for the IATV Stick Q3.

Insert a USB drive, format it, fire up flash tool and load IATV Stick Q3 firmware file onto it. Transfer the firmware onto USB drive by following onscreen instructions.

Now, take the USB drive out. Turn off the IATV Stick Q3 android TV and plug USB drive in. Go to Settings > Other > About > System update > Local update. If this option is not present, then go to Settings > About device > First option.

The update process will initiate after reboot. The reboot process after installing IATV Stick Q3 firmware can take sometime.

The new firmware will add new features since it brings latest version of android. If IATV Stick Q3 does not automatically hard resets, you can do so by going into Settings > Backup.