Tanix TX66 firmware upgrade – Hard reset Tanix TX66

Tanix TX66 firmware upgrade is here and you can do hard reset by flashing a new one. This will delete all data stored on your Tanix TX66 android TV.

Tanix TX66 firmware download

First, download Tanix TX66 firmware from here. Then, copy the downloaded zip file to the root of micro SD card and put it in the your android TV. Then, fire up Settings on Tanix TX66 > About device and then tap on update.

Tanix TX66 will find the update file. If it does not, it will ask you to select the update file and start the update process which might take sometime to complete. This will erase all data stored on the Tanix TX66, so make sure you have done a proper backup of data stored on your android TV.

The Tanix TX66 is powered by Rockchip RK3566 quad core processor manufactured using 22nm manufacturing process. Its specs sheet also includes a dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 ratio with external antenna. Also onboard are three USB ports, SPDIF output port along with HDMI and Ethernet port. It is capable of outputting 4k resolution at 60Hz refresh rate.

For storage, Tanix TX66 offerrs 32GB of flash eMMC storage and 4GB RAM.