HTC Thunderbolt OneClickRoot

HTC Thunderbolt is the first phone that is now outselling iPhone in most of the US stores and to be honest, it offers an incredible featureset. However, you can squeeze out more functionality out of it by rooting it. This will allow you customize your Android phone to your heart’s content. Follow my guide to root it:

Thunderbolt oneclickroot

To do this root, you will require a windows computer with your phone drivers installed and working. You also need to set up ADB on your computer. Feel free to follow my ADB setup guide for that.

Download from here and extract its contents to the ADB directory. Then download (for that, download this and rename it to Then when it asks you to put the RUU on the SD card, download this. This is somewhat confusing to have two files with the same name in the end but if you accidentally flash (the one originally named that) first then you may have some issues. Just follow what I said and you should be fine.

Note – You also need to make sure that your Thunderbolt is running 605.6 or 605.9 Firmware. Here is the link to it.

Now, the final and the most important step – download the oneclickroot from here and execute it on your computer using ADB. Yay, you have successfully rooted your Thunderbolt. Pat yourself for all the hard work you did.

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