Motorola to launch Moto E 2015 in India next week

Motorola launched its latest android phone Moto E in the United States last week and today we have learnt that it is about to do the same in India. The CEO of KDS Tech Network, Kamal deep has been sent an invite to attend the launch event and he has shared the details with us that it will be launched coming Tuesday which is March 10 2015 in New Delhi.

moto e india

The Moto E 2015 features a bigger 4.5 inch qHD display and packs a snapdragon 410 processor backed by a gigabyte of memory and 5 megapixel rear camera.

If the rumors are true that the online retailer Flipkart will be exclusively be selling the Moto E 2015 in India one more time.

64GB Moto X released, costs $100 extra over base model

Back when 2nd generation Moto X was launched in 2014, it came with 16 gigabyte of flash storage. Later it came with 32GB upgrade for $50 extra. Now the company has announced a 64GB version as option for the the Pure Edition unlocked Moto X.

To order one, you must order through Moto Maker and it will add 100 dollars to the cost of the phone which brings to total cost to 600 dollars. And if you go for the leather or wood backs, you will be shelling out 25 dollars extra.

The pure edition only works for the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM / LTE networks and there are currently no contract subsidy options for this version of the phone. However it is possible to finance the cost through Motorola. By all accounts, it sounds like an awesome phone. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive for what it was.

64 gb moto x 2015

Moto X Pure Edition is carrier unlocked with an unlockable bootloader which doesn’t void the warranty.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Release Date

Samsung is now reminding us that its Galaxy Tab 10.1 android tablet is coming on June 8 (2011). The registration page for the Galaxy Tab is already up on the Samsung’s website, but that page is not for pre-ordering the Tab. It is just for keeping yourself ‘updated’ with information like when and where to purchase the 10.1 Tab once it is released to the public.


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Sprint Xoom now on Sale

If you have been yearning to get a Motorola Xoom from Sprint, then your waiting ends today as the much awaited android tablet is now available officially from Sprint. The only thing you are required to do is walk into a Sprint store and buy one for yourself. However, keep in mind that the network provider is selling Wi-Fi version of the Xoom.

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DROID X Gingerbread Update

Official Android 2.3 upgrade (Honeycomb) for the Motorola Droid X is soon going to be transferred to the customers. Verizon has approved the latest Motorola’s build which means that an OTA update will be released in the few days. A special note to those on custom firmwares – you should now roll back to stock Android 2.2 firmware (v2.3.340) to get the update.

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