Acer confirms the launch an Android powered phone by the year end

About a month back, we had got some speculation that Acer is planning to launch an Android powered phone by the year end. Today, Acer confirmed the news.

As per reports, the company plans to sell 10 models of smartphones this year, with all BUT ONE using Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software. Acer’s Aymar de Lencquesaing said at the Global Technology Summit in Paris, “Late 2009, we’re releasing a smartphone… full touch, at the price of feature phones today”.

There are many other companies, like HP, Samsung, Motorola, etc. who are planning to launch Android powered devices. So, the competition in the Android market seems to be quite happening. But, it still remains to be seen, who wins the race.

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T-Mobile G1 v2 will be made by HTC

A couple of hours ago, we had posted a news that T-Mobile G1 v2 is going to be a Motorola device and not a HTC device. As stated by a trusted source involved in the distribution chain :

  • The G1 V2 is still an HTC Android device. It is a physical, external redesign mostly, of the existing G1. The changes were made due to the overwhelming display of people thinking the G1 hit every branch on the way down when it fell out of the ugly tree.
  • The Samsung devices are not being labeled, internally at least, as anything involving the ‘G’ series. I7500 anyone?
  • The HTC G1 V2 is really codenamed bigfoot…honestly.
  • Most of the ‘pics’ we have seen are really just an artists rendering, designed to raise the interest level of people like us, who tend to pick apart the tiny little details. Obviously, its working.

And, if you think about it practically, why would HTC allow another manufacturer to name its device second version of an HTC device ? Moreover, T-Mobile G1 v2 is being seen as a successor of T-Mobile G1. So, it makes more sense, atleast to me, that it would be manufactured by HTC.

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Is T-Mobile G1 v2 the first Android phone to be manufactured by Motorola ?


The image displayed above is possibly, the picture of T-Mobile G1 v2. But, we doubt, if the device is that of HTC. And, as per some rumors, it is manufactured by Motorola. If that’s true, then this would be the first Android powered phone by Motorola.

If you take a closer look, you can make out how different the buttons are, when compared to the buttons of HTC devices, and specifically the T-Mobile G1. Even the keyboard is quite different.

The T-Mobile G1 v2 was supposed to be a true “successor” of T-mobile G1 aka HTC dream. But, it seems there’s going to be vast differences.

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Motorola to enter the Android Market?

Today, we have another rumor about an Android device hitting the market, some time later this year. This time, the tip-off comes from none other than Motorola.

The mobile phone giant has given indications that it plans to become “friends” with Android this year. And, it seems, the device will be launched in 4th quarter of this year.

Now, would you like to know the possible specs ? The specs are almost the same as the other Android devices in the market, and the ones “rumored” to be released. But there are two specs, which will be a surprise for you. First, the usual specs : an all touchscreen device, 3.5mm jack,  GPS, long battery life (I don’t know if this should go under the unusual specs, as every company claims to provide this). And, now the unusual specs : a 3.7″ screen(there is no information about the resolution) and a 8MP camera. There is no news regarding if the device will have a flash.

The specs of this device seems to be quite impressive. And, Motorola would be able to conquer quite a large portion of the Android market, if it is really able to provide the above mentioned features.

Google in trouble : sued over Android Tademark

Erich Specht, who owns a software company called Android Data Corp., has sued Google over the use of the name “Android” for its open-source operating system. He is seeking $94 million from Google and 46 other companies. The other 46 companies include Motorola, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Vodafone, etc. amongst others.

This is what Specht’s attorney, Martin Murphy has to say :

“Basically, it’s a stolen name. It’s our trademark, and Google is using it as if it’s theirs.”

Android Data Corp. is  a software firm that specializes in providing softwares that would help Web sites transfer data securely and efficiently. The developer started the company in the year 1998.

In the year 2000, he filed a request with PTO to trademark the word “Android Data”. His request was granted in the year 2002.

In October 2007, Google had filed a request to trademark “Android”. But the request was rejected, citing similarity to Specht’s trademark. Immediately, Google claimed that the company was voluntarily dissolved in the year 2004. The claim also said that the company was restarted later, but the firm’s website URL was not re-registered. PTO rejected the claim and also suspended Google’s trademark application last November.

Specht says, he did not take action till now, as he thought that “Android” was just a mobile phone. But as soon as he realised that it was an operating system, he filed a suit.

Both the companies have filed for trademark in “International Class 009,”which covers computer software and hardware. This is the main issue behind this tussle.

Specht’s company is registered with the name “Android Data”, and google has used “android”. But according to Specht, the word “Data” is just descriptive.

Now, Specht and his lawyer need to prove that if Google continues to use the name “Android” for its operating system, it could hamper the image of his (Specht) company in the market and also that there is a possibility of people getting confused over the two similar names. And, this could lead to people considering his small company to be a copy-cat of the bigger company “Google”.

Murphy plans to file a temporary restraining order seeking a preliminary injunction as soon as Thursday. If the order is issued, Google will have to pull off its Android products (currently, only the T-mobile G1 and the HTC Magic, which has been launched in Europe) from the market. And, it would be able to resell those products only if the packaging and brand name are revamped.

But, the expected result is a settlement. Probably, Specht’s company would be given some credit for the name “Android”. It could even be a disclaimer, stating “Android is a registered trademark of Erich Specht/Android Data Corp.”

click here for complete details of the suit.

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