T-Mobile G1 v2 will be made by HTC

A couple of hours ago, we had posted a news that T-Mobile G1 v2 is going to be a Motorola device and not a HTC device. As stated by a trusted source involved in the distribution chain :

  • The G1 V2 is still an HTC Android device. It is a physical, external redesign mostly, of the existing G1. The changes were made due to the overwhelming display of people thinking the G1 hit every branch on the way down when it fell out of the ugly tree.
  • The Samsung devices are not being labeled, internally at least, as anything involving the ‘G’ series. I7500 anyone?
  • The HTC G1 V2 is really codenamed bigfoot…honestly.
  • Most of the ‘pics’ we have seen are really just an artists rendering, designed to raise the interest level of people like us, who tend to pick apart the tiny little details. Obviously, its working.

And, if you think about it practically, why would HTC allow another manufacturer to name its device second version of an HTC device ? Moreover, T-Mobile G1 v2 is being seen as a successor of T-Mobile G1. So, it makes more sense, atleast to me, that it would be manufactured by HTC.

[via tmotoday]

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