Acer to launch Android powered phone by the year-end

Acer, a Taiwanese computer manufacturer and seller, plans to launch an Android powered smartphone by end of 2009. There are already 10 Windows Mobile based acer smart phones in production, to be launched this year. At the Mobile WOrld Congress, held in February this year, Acer announced four new Windows Mobile based smartphones.

It seems, the computer manufacturer plans to capture a major portion of the cellphones market around the world. As per reports, Acer plans to offer devices with very efficient syncing powers.

Acer’s head of mobile-phone products Aymar De Lencquesaing said in a Bloomberg TV interview, “One of the pain points for users around the world is ‘how do I basically port my environment from one device to another? Because we have a suite of products in the mobile-data space that covers the whole spectrum, we can offer synchronization between all devices.”

via moconews

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