Motorola to enter the Android Market?

Today, we have another rumor about an Android device hitting the market, some time later this year. This time, the tip-off comes from none other than Motorola.

The mobile phone giant has given indications that it plans to become “friends” with Android this year. And, it seems, the device will be launched in 4th quarter of this year.

Now, would you like to know the possible specs ? The specs are almost the same as the other Android devices in the market, and the ones “rumored” to be released. But there are two specs, which will be a surprise for you. First, the usual specs : an all touchscreen device, 3.5mm jack,  GPS, long battery life (I don’t know if this should go under the unusual specs, as every company claims to provide this). And, now the unusual specs : a 3.7″ screen(there is no information about the resolution) and a 8MP camera. There is no news regarding if the device will have a flash.

The specs of this device seems to be quite impressive. And, Motorola would be able to conquer quite a large portion of the Android market, if it is really able to provide the above mentioned features.

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