DROID X Gingerbread Update

Official Android 2.3 upgrade (Honeycomb) for the Motorola Droid X is soon going to be transferred to the customers. Verizon has approved the latest Motorola’s build which means that an OTA update will be released in the few days. A special note to those on custom firmwares – you should now roll back to stock Android 2.2 firmware (v2.3.340) to get the update.


You can click here to download that build. As mentioned earlier, this build is stock in nature – no root, nothing fancy. So, what is new in the Android 2.3 update (compared to Android 2.2):

* New user interface design with new themes (Black themes save power)
* Extra Large Screen Size supported
* SIP Communication Supported (SIP Video and Audio Calling, In an operator point of view, this is feature will decrease their voice calling revenue where as user can call each other for lower rates or even free if they have good data connection)
* Supports for NFC (High Frequency High Speech Data Transfer in short range)
* Support for WebM/VP8 video playback, and AAC audio encoding
* New audio effects such as reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost
* Improved Copy and Paste functionality
* Redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard
* Audio, graphical, and input enhancements for game developers
* New sensors support (i.e gyroscope)
* Download manager for long running HTTP downloads
* Enhanced support for native code
* Improved power management and application control
* Support for multiple cameras

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