64GB Moto X released, costs $100 extra over base model

Back when 2nd generation Moto X was launched in 2014, it came with 16 gigabyte of flash storage. Later it came with 32GB upgrade for $50 extra. Now the company has announced a 64GB version as option for the the Pure Edition unlocked Moto X.

To order one, you must order through Moto Maker and it will add 100 dollars to the cost of the phone which brings to total cost to 600 dollars. And if you go for the leather or wood backs, you will be shelling out 25 dollars extra.

The pure edition only works for the AT&T and T-Mobile GSM / LTE networks and there are currently no contract subsidy options for this version of the phone. However it is possible to finance the cost through Motorola. By all accounts, it sounds like an awesome phone. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive for what it was.

64 gb moto x 2015

Moto X Pure Edition is carrier unlocked with an unlockable bootloader which doesn’t void the warranty.

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