HTC Wildfire Root

HTC Wildfire (also known as HTC Buzz) is one of the most affordable devices but you can squeeze more functionality out it, including flashing custom ROMs by rooting it. So, without wasting more time, here is the procedure to root it:


First, you need to install HTC Sync. All links are given at the bottom. Then connect your HTC Wildfire to your computer and close the HTC Synch app. Download Unrevoked 3 from the link given below and run it.

Wait for sometime for the Unrevoked 3 to do the work. It will reboot your Android phone in hboot and so on. After this process has completed, you will be asked to install HBOOT USB Drivers (again, link is at the bottom). Install them.

Disconnect your phone and uninstall HTC Sync. Do not uninstall the drivers, just the application. Then, connect the Wildfire again to the PC and run UNREVOKED 3 one more time to root your phone permanently. s

[unrevoked 3 download] [hboot usb driver download] [htc sync download]

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