Zidoo X9S firmware download

Today we bring new firmware of the Zidoo X9S android TV box. This model makes use of Realtek RTD1295 SoC that competes directly with the Amlogic S912 SoC. Latter is being used in myriad android TV boxes.

Zidoo X9S firmware download

Download and flashing Zidoo X9S android TV firmware

1- Download firmware from bottom of this article. unarchive the ZIP file and copy it without decompressing on a USB stick
2- connect the USB memory to Zidoo X9S
3- Let the app Update
4 Select Local Update and our file ZIP
5- apply the update and hope the device is restarted
6- All files are maintained but we recommend to reset

Problems in previous firmware

1) Some 4k vp9 videos show no picture when playback.
2) ANR problem occasionally happens when playback.
3) Connection failed when there are special characters in SSID of WIFI.
4) TV gets no signal when deep color switched to 10bit or 12bit.
5) Time of chapters are inaccuracy in some BD movies.
6) Picture flutter when there are some special video signals in HDMI IN stream.
7) Low probability of ANR problem when recording via HDMI in.


Major improvements
1) Compatibility of HDR movie improved
2) Weather app optimized.
3) File manager optimized.
4) User guide app optimized.

Feature addition
1) Add the search capability for download the subtitle.
2) Adjust the position of the subtitle.
3) Allow to change the character encoding of subtitle.
4) Set the default aspect ratio as “fit”-original.
5) Allow to clean up the downloaded subtitles.
HDMI IN app:
1) Restart the stream server if the network reconnected.
2) Give a hint if record failed.
3) Stop record when only 100M storage left.