Download R-BOX Pro firmware to hard reset or start afresh

R-BOX Pro firmware is now in our hands and you can use it to completely erase data on it. This R-BOX Pro firmware is for the android TV model that comes with 3GB of memory and 16GB of flash storage. You can also use it on 2GB RAM, 16GB model.

Download R-BOX Pro firmware

R-BOX Pro firmware flashing instructions are given below.
* Download firmware from here.
* Download Amlogic BootcardMaker tool for your PC from here.
* Start the app on PC and plug in a micro SD card in it. Select its drive letter and choose the firmware you just downloaded. Select the u-boot.bin. If the BIN file is by other name, rename it to u-boot.bin.
* Click on Make button.
* After that, copy other files into the root directory of micro SD card that includes, factory_update_param.aml, recovery.img and u-boot.bin.
* Insert the card into AMlogic SoC. Press the recovery button that is located at the bottom or insider the A/V connector and turn on the TV box. If you have done everything correctly that an Android icon will appear on the TV with percentage bar. Wait for it to reach 100 percent and it will then restart with new R-BOX Pro firmware.

R-BOX Pro specifications include Mali-T820MP3 GPU,  Amlogic S912 processor with eight cores based on ARM Cortex-A53 architecture, 3GB / 2GB RAM, 16GB flash storage