Xiaomi Mi4i has great specs but the software leaves a lot to be desired

Xiaomi Mi4i is the latest android phone to be launched in the market of oversatured smartphones. Folks at Xiaomi are certainly one of the most interesting OEMs out there as it is constantly churning out phones with great built quality and specifications at prices that are 50 percent of the competition. For instance, the Xiaomi Mi4i has specifications that are even better than the Samsung Galaxy S6 and it costs almost one-fourth of latter.


The Xiaomi Mi4i is currently being offered by a UK smartphone warehouse gearbest.com for mere 229 dollars which means the customer can get their hands on the phone within few days after placing the order. You can find listing of Xiaomi Mi4i at gearbest.com here.


The Xiaomi Mi4i built quality is great for the price you are paying. While it is plastic, it is made of really high quality plastic, at par with the one used on the LG G4 which is most admirable flagship phone of 2015. The only thing that we did not like were its buttons that felt a tad too cheap for our taste. They were easy to scratch too. Another weird glitch in the hardware is its dedicated menu button. There is nothing in the user interface of Xiaomi Mi4i that makes use of that hardware menu button.


The back of the Xiaomi Mi4i is not user removable but Hugo Barra who is the Vice President of Xiomi disassembled the phone within minutes using a simple Phillips screwdriver.

Coming to its software, the Xiaomi Mi4i runs MIUI 6 which is a very powerful user interface that makes the android prettier than what it actually is. We were told that MIUI 6 is actually based on Android 4.4 kitkat. This means that there are no Chrome tabs, no document centric multitasking and other nifty features that one finds in Android 5 lollipop. However it does not disappoint us on the performance front, scoring 734 in Geekbench and 14.0 T-Rex in GFXbench 3.0 software. You can buy Android phones and many other gadgets at gearbest.com

Pros – Great value for money; great build quality; quick charge function and big battery

Cons – MIUI 6 isn’t based on Lollipop; hardware menu buttons wasn’t required; not available in many countries.