Viewsonic Viewpad 10 Android 2.2 Update

Viewsonic has finally rolled out Android 2.2 update for their ViewPad 10 tablet. This tablet originally came with Android 1.6 operating system and its company has made its user base wait for quite a long time for an update. While we strongly believe that the company should have blessed the users with Honeycomb, it is still nice to see that the users will be atleast be able to view flash content on their tablets. Here is a step by step instructions on how to get the update on your ViewPad 10.


* You will require a 1GB USB Drive
* Then you will need the UNETBOOTIN App to create a bootable USB drive from an ISO file. Download it here:
* Then download the Android 2.2 ISO file for ViewPad 10 from here:

Now, we will create the USB Bootable drive:
Insert your USB drive and run UNETBOOTIN. Select Diskimage and ISO >> Click the browse button and find the ISO file you just downloaded. Make sure your USB drive is shown and selected. Click OK and wait for the ISO file to be flashed.

Now, we will update the operating system on the ViewPad.

Insert the USB Drive and a USB Keyboard in to the ViewPad 10. Make sure that the AC Adapter is connected to prevent sudden loss of power. Turn it on, click F11 on the keyboard. Select your USB Drive on the next screen and hit Enter key. Select “install to hard drive” on the Android install screen.

Select SDA1 Linux and EXT3 format. Press Yes on the next screen. Reboot when the process has completed.

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