Vontar H1 firmware for hard reseting android TV

Vontar H1 is a popular android TV but sometimes you would want to hard reset or simply make sure it is running the latest firmware. Right now, it is Android 12 and we will show you how to download and install it. 

Vontar H1 firmware download

First, download the firmware from here and store it on your computer. Make sure you have windows running on it as all flashing tools are meant to run on windows only. 

Download AllWinner PhoenixUSB Pro Tool from here. Make sure Vontar H1 is turned off. Then, you copy the zip file of the update to root of a micro SD card. You can also use a USD flash drive. Go to settings of the Vontar H1 and then to Other > About > System Update > Local update or about the device > first option

It will ask you to specify the zip file. Make sure USB drive / micro SD card is plugged in. It will start then update process. Once you’ve finished, we suggest doing a complete factory reset by going to Settings > backup. 

That is it. You have flashed the latest firmware on your Vontar H1 android TV and have hard resetted it as well.