Pdair leather case : the safest way to carry your T-Mobile G1

A couple of days back, I laid my hands on the leather case for my T-Mobile G1. It has got the perfect openings.

Here’s a picture of my phone lying inside the leather case :


The following image shows how the device looks from the front, while safely fitted inside the case. And also notice, how conveniently you can access the call answer and reject buttons, the back button, the home button and the menu button :


The next picture shows the opening for the volume button :


The next image shows you the easy accessibility of the camera button, while the phone is resting inside the case :


The keyboard can be accessed while the device is still inside the case :


A strap is given at the top, to hold the keyboard in its place, after the screen has been slided up :


The next image shows the opening for the charging slot-cum-earphone jack.


This case has got perfect opening for the camera as well as the speakers :


In my honest opinion, investing in a good case, like this one from pdair, is a must for any individual who really loves his gadget and wants to protect it. Since the day I have safely preserved my phone in the case, I never felt the need to take it out, for any functionality.

I would say, its worth the investment as it’s of great quality and great value.

[Get the case from here]

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