Ideos S7: Remove Bloatware

Ideos S7 Android tablet comes with a lot of bloatware pre-installed. So, I decided to make a simple guide to remove all that junkware with the help of adb. So, install ADB and type in the commands given below.


First, mount Ideos S7 and make the /system/app writable. Do this by typing:

adb remount
adb shell

cd /system/app/

rm Launcher.* (if you have third party launcher installed)
rm Maps.*
rm SystemTutorial.*
rm LatinIME.* (if you have third party keyboard installed)
rm Email.*
rm Calculator.*
rm EmotionWeather.*
rm EmotionPhotoWidget.*
rm EmotionCalendar.*
rm EmotionPhotoAlbumWidget.*
rm EmotionBookmarksWidget.*
rm EmotionEvents.*
rm Twidroid.*
rm EmotionMemo.*
rm EmotionRSSReader.*
rm EmotionVideoWidget.*
rm EmotionClockWidget.*
rm HwIME.*

Then, do a reboot. You can everything I have explained above with the help of Root Explorer as well.

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