Forget Android Donut or Android Eclair: Time to talk about Android version 4 – Special focus on Business features and 3D-Gaming!

Surprised? Don’t be. Because, Andy Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google told in an interview that Google has already started working on the fourth version of Android.

There are no details about the version, but it is for sure that future versions of the Android OS will have special focus on enterprise customers. In a recent news  post, we had reported that Google is planning to include functionalities like that of Blackberry, which targets the businesses, in its later version. In addition to enterprise features, Google also plans to bring 3D gaming to its mobile phones by making use of powerful mobile CPUs like the one from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon that runs at 1GHz clock speed.

Right now, Blackberries are still considered as the best and most productive (mobile) business tool.

“Today, we don’t support many enterprise applications but in the future, I think enterprise will be a good focus for us,” Rubin, vice president of engineering at Google

Google although already offers an array of its services like Google Mail, Google Calenders and Google Docs on its Android phones, but they are not enough for making its name in enterpirses.



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