Android Eclair or Flan to support 3D gaming

Recently in an interview, vice president of engineering at Google, Andy Rubin reported that devices that ship-in with the later versions of Android will support advanced features like 3D gaming, as they will sport the most advanced processors in the market.

And, he mentioned the name of Snapdragon chip from Qualcomm Inc and said that this would provide Android devices of the future the same speed as that of desktop computers of four years ago.

When we talk of “later versions of Android”, the only versions we know, as of now, are Android Eclair and Flan. Does that mean devices with these (or one of these) versions will come loaded with the mighty Snapdragon Chipset?

If this news is to be believed, then Android devices will blow away the PSPs and Nintendos in the market. Also, the OS would be one of the fastest running OS in the mobile phone arena.

The OS version pipeline of Android seems to be really massive, with great developments with every update. The version with support for such advanced features, would definitely give cut-throat competition to any other OS in the market, however old and established it be.

So all you Android fanatics, get ready for some speed!

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