Chinese phones running Android OS about to make their foray into European market. Also includes few pictures

Three Chinese companies are working on porting Android OS to some of their devices, and claim that these devices will be available in the European market, later this year.

Beyond Radio Technologies, a Chinese cell designer is one of them. Liu, an engineer with Beyond Radio Technologies reported that these devices will hit the European market later this year. Then, these devices will be available in China and Taiwan too. The device will sport a 2.8 inch screen and WiFi, but no 3G or EDGE. Here’s a sneak peak at the device :


Another company that is working on such a device is Haier Technologies. According to a marketing employee of the company, the device will go on sale in France, in September. The device was showcased at a trade show in Singapore :


Huawei Technologies is the other company that is planning to hit the European market with its Android powered device. There is not much details available about the device, but it will probably release in Q3 2009. Also, we have a picture of the device :


Liu said, “We think Android is the future direction for mobile phones”. He also contributed the growing interest of cell-phone companies towards the OS to its low cost.

[via androidfanatic]

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