Android Donut released to developers, seems delicious. But it is not Android 2.0 ?

According to AndroidCommunity, Android Donut has been released to developers and it is also known as Android 2.0. But, guys at modogadget say, it is not actually Android 2.0 and will not have multi-touch support or CDMA compatibility.

But, according to a screenshot posted on Android Central, the OS version released to the developers is codenamed Donut, and has CDMA compatibility. Have a look :


What does all this mean ? Are Android 2.o and Donut really different ? Have both the versions been released to the developers ? We had once reported that there would be two updates to Android this year, one minor and one major. So, are Android Donut and Android 2.0 going to be two different updates ? All these questions remain unanswered as of now. All we can do, is wait and watch till the original versions are released to the public.

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