Best fighting games on Android 2020

Which are best fighting games on android in 2020? The world of fighting has always been closely linked to video games, a relationship that currently continues to give war, never better said.

Best fighting games on Android 2020

It is not for less that this custom continues on the Android platform, with several titles that may well be the best to enjoy on mobile devices.

In fact, since we are talking about this topic, why don’t we go over some of them?

We can find many on Android’s Google Play, but there are fewer exponents that leave the genre of fighting and combat in a very good place, whatever the theme. Next, we will analyze the best games to ‘give tow’ from the comfort of the sofa.

Best fighting games on Android 2020

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Perhaps it is, along with Mortal Kombat, one of the titles with more history within the fighting genre. Come less in recent years, continue to establish its presence with this game that recalls the best times of Street Fighter, with its characteristic pixels but with a facelift to further refine them to current trends.

Injustice 2

A title that can not miss in this genre of video games. Collect all the iconic superheroes of the DC Universe, such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman, among others. Combats with various combinations of attacks and spectacular animations, especially in the final attacks. In addition, it has several fighting modes, including a 3 vs 3 confrontation.

Shadow Fight 3

Another classic on the Android platform. This game does not bring the culture of the Far East closer, with the weapons and fighting movements characteristic of the Imperial Era, with the Dynasties as fervent enemies. It not only bases its potential on combat, but it contains a truly worked and intriguing story.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Robotics lovers should be in luck. Firstly, for being able to enjoy a fighting title with these machines, and secondly, that it is also one of the best in the genre. Graphically it is spectacularly detailed, with a quite varied movement system and with a PvP mode to face the creations of other players. Moreover, it contains customization kits to improve our robot.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends

These cute turtles that have accompanied us during our childhood on so many occasions, charge Android again in the form of a video game.

Unlike the rest, it is not the typical individual confrontation, but encompasses a combat with more members, being able to handle any of the turtles of the team that we have mounted.