Beelink R89 Official Firmware Flashing Process Explained

Beelink R89 is a pretty popular firmware from a reputed company and today we are going to teach you how to flash latest official firmware on it. By the way, you buy one for yourself for about 79 euro / 88 dollars from popular Chinese websites.

Download Beelink R89 Official Firmware

Beelink R89 Official Firmware Flashing instructions

Download the firmware from here. Also download the upgrade tool. Install the drivers using RK driver assistant and for that unzip the download file and click on DriverInstall.exe. After that run the RKBatchtool and click on … to browse for the firmware you downloaded earlier. Connect the Beelink R89 android TV to the computer and click on the Restore button. If RK batch tool does not detect your android TV, make sure USB debugging settings are not turned on the device.

Beelink R89 Official Firmware

The reset button  is inside the AV connector, use a toothpick or something metal to press it. That is it, you have successfully flashed the Beelink R89 with official firmware. Now it is just as it first came in.