2015 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specifications include Snapdragon 810

Samsung has released a new 2015 model of Galaxy Note 4 for South Korea which makes it the first “commercially” available LTE Advanced Tri-Band Carrier Aggregation phone.

This will allow you to cruise at download speeds of up to 450Mbps on Category 9 LTE networks. The only downside is that Category 9 LTE networks are not mainstream yet but that does not mean there is no benefit of buying this today. You will still be able to push current LTE networks to upwards of 300Mbps.

2015 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specifications


Is Snapdragon 805 so much powerful than the 810? Yes it is slightly more powerful. But Samsung’s bloated Touchwiz would not run any faster on either.

Samsung would not be releasing it outside South Korea – well that is what we have been told.

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