Zidoo X9S firmware download, get latest Android firmware for ZIDOO X9S Android TV

ZIDOO X9S firmware download

If you own Zidoo X9S android TV and are searching for latest firmware for it, we have got you covered. We have its latest Android firmware, 6.0.1 and that brings many new features to the table. Before you start, this is for the Zidoo X9S with Realtek RTD1295 processor.

Here is how to download and install latest Android firmware on the Zidoo X9S Android TV.

* Download Firmware Zidoo X9s 2.1.14 from here.
* Without decompressing it, copy it to a USB memory stick.
* Connect the USB memory to Zidoo android TV
* Go to the Update app
* Select Local Update and ZIP file that you downloaded earlier
* Apply the update and the device will restart soon.
* All files are maintained but we recommend to reset.

Here is the changelog of this new android firmware.

1.Fixed problems with green bars at the bottom of some specially coded MKV video playback
2. – Increased the optical drive function
– Support CD / DVD / BD SATA and USB optical drive
– – Add an optical drive device to the file manager left device list when there is optical drive access. The content area can display multiple optical drives and support volume label, and the menu can be used to operate the optical drive
– Support for un-encrypted DVD / BD playback, support for Blu-ray and DVD navigation, and any file supported by player stored in the optical disk
3.Fixed part of X265 MKV video Range display incorrect issue