TV-Box CX-S806 firmware update now available

A new firmware update for the Android TV-Box CX-S806 is now available. Since AmLogic S812 processor powers the CX-S806, we know how to install the new firmware update. It is available for 68 euro from


How to flash CX-S806 firmware

1. Download the PC flashing app from here.
2. During installation the appropriate drivers are installed. You can select English language from the top menu. If under windows 8, you get detection problems, disable the secure signing of drivers for Windows 8. For that go to Settings under Metro interface > Update and restore> Recovery> Advanced Home> Restart Now> Troubleshooting> Boot Options> Disable the mandatory use of signed drivers.
3. Restart your PC and run the tool USB_Burning_Tool is installed on your PC and from the tab, select File > Import image and select file.img
4. Now with your TV-Box off, connect it using the USB-micro USB OTG cable from the PC port. Now press the recovery button device and simultaneously turn on the TV Box. If all goes well, the flashing tool will recognize your TV-Box as pictured below.
5. Click Start. Once the process has completed, restart the TV-Box. Do not fret as it will take longer than usual to start. So it is best that you leave it untouched a few minutes after starting and restarting again.


Make sure not to mark “Reset after success” and “Overwrite key”.

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