T-Mobile G1 (HTC DREAM) – Hardware Impressions

After every 6 months, I buy a new phone.¬† Almost every time it’s HTC. This time too, I bought a HTC device. But this time, the story is little different different. Its not a Windows Mobile phone. Its the first Google phone, aka T-Mobile G1.


The T-Mobile G1 has a simple design, much like any other HTC device.


On the left hand side, you will find the volume control button.


And, on the right-hand side bottom, is located the camera button.


On the bottom of the device, you will find the ext-USB port, which is used for charging, syncing with the PC and for plugging in the earphone.


On the backside, is located the 3.2mp camera, and also the speaker. The speaker is not very loud, but manageable.


On the front, below the screen, you will find 5 keys, the call button, the home button, the back button, the call end button and the menu button, and a track ball.


The T-Mobile G1 comes with a full qwerty keyboard, which slides open from the side.


The SD card slot is on the left hand side bottom of the device. You need to slide out the keyboard, to be able to open the protective cover of the slot, and get access to it.


The T-Mobile G1 has a capacitive screen. So it responds only to your finger touch. It comes

with a resolution of 340*480. I found the display to be quite touch sensitive.

Processor and memory

This device comes with a Qualcomm 528 MHz processor. It has 256 MB ROM and 192MB RAM. The Android OS manages the memory pretty well. I’m yet to see any kind of out of memory errors yet.


t-mobile G1 comes with a 1150mAh battery. I found the performance to be quite impressive.

Final thoughts

Quite a good beginning for a completely new platform. The Google Android has been able to make a bug splash in the mobile phone arena, even though it is still in its infancy stage. And I am pretty sure that the Google Android will stand as a strong contender for the other  mobile phone Operating Systems out there.

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