Sprint readying two Android devices for an October 11th release

If you are a regular at xda-developers, you would be knowing that some time back in April, a senior member had posted “I work for a wireless developer firm and I have just received word from the US carrier (cannot disclose who yet) that the release date for the HTC Hero (Android) is October 11th 2009.” Now, that was amazing. But, the announcement seems to be fruitifying now. Have a look at the picture below :


There are not one, but two devices awaiting an Octber 11th release. But, what is Samsung Q ? Is it some mysterious device or is it, the much heard-of, Samsung i7500 ? We had also heard that Samsung is working on an Android-powered 4G device. Does that mean, Samsung Q will have 4G ? Lets wait and watch.

[via androidguys]

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