ScanCard Business Card Reader Review

When I try out ScanCard, first of all I am delighted that it recognizes my cards as well as if not better than its competitors, such as CamCard, or WorldCard. Accurate result put at the right place, thus I barely need additional typo, yep, quite a neat solution. Until now, I know that I should test more before confirming its accuracy. A little bit surprised by figuring out that it supports ?Recognize-all? mode as well. 20 card images previously captured, one click, done in one minute and half. Honestly, it does quite a good job, few errors, once again. However I have to point out that the application cannot yet detect card language type, as one of its competitors CamCard does. Thus, I have to switch languages manually among 3 modes, English, English/Chinese, and European languages.


Another feature of ScanCard I appreciate a lot is its search functionality. It can not only search by name, but also by any keyword hidden in the card, as company name, address, even job title. I am pretty sure that many other Mr. Forgetful like me would be happy with this function, knowing that any slightest clue could be helpful. One more detail that might deserve a mention is that you can choose to show either contact list or tiny card images in your cardholder. It looks more like a gadget feature but I find it lovely. Thumbnail mode just gives me an impression of skimming through a photo reel. If there is something to improve, I would say that it would be nice to have categories for different contacts.