PowerVR GT7900 specifications are better than Nvidia Tegra X1

PowerVR has launched a new GPU in the market. Called the PowerVR GT7900, it features 512 cores ALU, 16 shaders capable of reaching 800 gigaflops under 32 bit floating point mode and 1.6 teraflops under 16-bit floating point mode. This makes it more powerful than the recently released Nvidia Tegra X1 GPU.

PowerVR GT7900 specifications are more powerful than Tegra X1

PowerVR GT7900 has more than enough power that it can be used in future consoles, micro servers and even laptops running Android. And since the PowerVR GT7900 will be produced only with 14 and 16 nm manufacturing process, it can be used in fanless laptops.

PowerVR GT7900 also supports playback of 4k resolution at 60 FPS.

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