Oppo RealMe 2 review – notch display, long battery life with affordable price tag

Whether you like notch displays or not, they are here to stay and more and more android manufactures are churning out mobile phones with a notch. Oppo has launched second version of RealMe, the RealMe 2 and these devices compete in the budget segment. This is the category where Xiaomi and Honor devices dominate.

realme 2 review

RealMe 2 prices start under 130 dollars for the starting model that gives you full HD+ 6.2” display, 32GB storage and 3GB RAM. There is a 150 dollar variant as well that gives you whopping 64GB storage and 4GB RAM.

Compared to the predecessor, v1, it looks quite different as it has a notch display. That said, it makes use of the same micro USB port for doing syncing and charging.

I adore the fact that Oppo has included a dedicated micro SD card for expanding storage. This is not hybrid storage like you in see in some of the phone. In hybrid storage, there are two SIM card slots out of which you can use second slot for either micro SD card or SIM card slot. You cannot use both at same time. In case of RealMe 2, there is a dedicated micro SD card slot so you can use two SIM on your device and expand storage at the same time.

Performance wise, the OppoRealMe 2 offers strong performance for its price. Powering it is Snapdragon 450 which is optimized for high end games including PUBG. It is obviously powerful enough for handling multimedia content with ease. Thanks to ample memory, you will have no problem with heavy webpages including sports betting sites and news portals both of which require powerful processor and lots of memory.

Now, let’s talk about battery life. Snapdragon 450 is a power frugal processor and Oppo has paired that with a large 3200mAh battery. This gives you more than one day of battery life with heavy usage or two-three days with moderate usage.

However, it took me 3.5 hours to full charge it. Well, looks like you cannot have everything in a phone that costs less than 130 dollars.

realme 2

How is the camera? First off, you should not be having a lot of expectations from a smartphone this cheap but Oppo is well known for producing phones with good camera optics. Pictures that I took with it in daylight turned out to be pretty good. Color reproduction was very good as well.

Low light performance is terrible but that is expected. So if you have good lightning conditions, Oppo’s RealMe 2 camera will not disappoint you.

Verdict – I love the notch display, full HD+ resolution and strong performance. Battery life is stunning for a phone that looks this slim. So, go ahead and buy it. You’ll not be disappointed.