Nokia to launch an Android netbook in 2010

Nokia, one of the major cell-phone manufacturers, is planning to enter the Android arena. This may not sound amusing. But the interesting part is that, it is planning to launch an Android netbook, and not an Android powered cell-phone. If this news is to be believed, this would be one of the first netbooks to be launched by the manufacturer.

Lazard Capital Markets analyst, Mr.Daniel Amir said “In our conversations with ODMs, we have confirmed that Nokia is planning to enter the netbook market with a Google Android, ARM-based netbook that would be sold at carriers. Considering this market is dominated by the PC players, we believe Nokia could face an uphill battle to succeed in this market.”

This is a really big move by the mobile phone biggie. The main reason could be the availability of the open source OS for free, whereas Microsoft charges a fortune for its Windows OS. Also, Android will prove to be a great fast-boot netbook.

[via androidarena]

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