New Android Web Browser: Maxthon

It is always a good thing to try new, different browsers in our devices to get as close to as possible to the Desktop experience. Also, while the stock Android browser is good, there are far better options out there, just like what XDA member has prepared for us. Maxthon is a rather well known browser for PC, which has taken the plunge and decided to start playing around in the Android area to try and replicate the experience. So far, the results of this are pretty remarkable with the browser being smooth and fast, according to some reports from a few members. The device offers many features such as tabbed browsing, gestures, syncing to the cloud, and much more.

Maxthon Android browser’s features include:

Sync to the Cloud – Your bookmarks/favorites travel with you from desktop to mobile.
RSS reader widget – Find, manage and read your favorite content quickly and easily
Speed Dial – Quick access of the best sites on the web.
Download Manager – Makes it easy to sort, schedule and grab the downloads you need: wherever, whenever.
Super Gesture – Use touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips.
Tab browsing – Powerful tab management that puts your mobile screen to maximum use.
Amazing speed – Get websites super fast.
Powerful personalization – Avatars and more.

I personally like it. Scrolling feels a bit choppy on long pages, no other issues that I can see so far.


Download it from Android marketplace. Developer did not give me the direct marketplace link.

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