Is T-Mobile G1 v2 going to be a high-profile 3G handset ?

According to a report by tmotoday, HTC is working on a 3G device which would sport TouchFlo 3D, and HTC Sense and will be launched in the month of September or October. Now, why do I say that these specs can be that of G1 v2 ? Because, the G1 v2 is supposed to release in the same time as this HTC’s “high-profile” device. Also, inclusion of HTC Sense in the specs brings out the speculation that it could possibly be an Android device.

All the Android devices currently in the market (HTC Dream, Magic and Hero) are all mid-range devices. But, a high-profile device, I suppose, will not be a mid-range one. So, may be its time to gear-up for a feature-packed Android device, and be ready to shell out a fortune!!

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