IM clients for Android OS

1) Palringo:

The best part about Palringo is that is available for all the mobile platforms (of course, including Android) and is free. Heck, they have even made a version for Windows, Linux and Mac! It is easy to use and did I mention that it is free? Download it from the Android Market and you are ready to go.

Now Android users can keep in touch with their buddies on all the most popular IM services using text and photo messaging. Busy? Not a problem, just choose the medium that works best for you depending on the message and the situation. Simply type, snap and share.

Plus Palringo can run in the background on Android and alert you to new messages as they arrive so you’ll never miss a chat conversation again.

Location features are also available on Android so with just one glance at your Palringo contact list you can see where your friends are right now and of course you can share your location with those people you trust.



2) Meebo:

Meebo is also a great IM client for the Android OS. Just like Palringo, it too can run in the background. Search for “Meebo” in Android Market to download it.


[Meebo official webpage]

3) Mundu:

Mundu has released a ‘near’ fully functional IM client for Android OS and it looks very promising. However, it costs $11 and is not available at Android market. Its APK file can be downloaded from their website.

Hera are few screenshots of it:




[Mundu IM]

4) ICQlive:

It is an ICQ-only chatting client for Android OS supporting almost all the features of standard ICQ client except file transfer, which can be a deal breaker for some folks.

[Handango Link for ICQlive]

5) IRCell

It is a simple, FREE IRC application. Nothing much to talk about it.

[IRcell website]

6) AndroidChat

AndroidChat is a location aware chat client (and server, but more on that later) for the Android Platform designed to compete in the Android Developers Challenge. It is a freeware.


[Download Here]

7) eBuddy:

Like Palringo, the eBuddy is also an IM client that supports MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook buddies.

To get it, go to Android Market and search for “ebuddy”.

Know more interesting IM apps for Android? Just comment below and we will love to add it on the list. :D

thanks to Michael suggesting eBuddy!

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