HTC Dream/ T-Mobile G1 Themes

Getting tired of the boring look of your T-Mobile G1 aka HTC Dream ? You need not look any further. We have done all the homework for you. Just browse through this column to find interesting themes for your dream device.

Please check the supported ROM versions, if any, before downloading any theme.

1. Gloss Suite & Aero JF ADP1.5 theme

Here are  a few screenshots of the themes :

screenshot1242658574605 screenshot1242658729287

screenshot1242660032613 screenshot1242663757477

Aero with black notification and black clock with stock lock screen, download here.

Aero with white notifications and white clock with black bar, download here.

Gloss with Menu, White Clock, White Notifications, battery percentage, gloss keys and custom gloss boot image, download here.

2. *Aero1.5* JFADP1.5/Dudes1.x

The following screenshots show the Aero 1.5 theme running :

1242583832168 dialer home vk


Here’s a picture of the icons contained in the theme :


Aero v1.5(BLACK) by JF ADP 1.5, download here.

Aero v1.5(BLACK) by Dudes1.2, download here.

Aero Wallpaper, downloGoogle Android Mix › Edit Post — WordPressad here.

Official Aero icon pack(For use with Bettercut. Unzip all the icons to your sdcard, then user Bettercut to change icons.), download here.

Icon pack by RainCrow(For use with Bettercut), download here.

3. Black Ice JF 1.51ADP

Works with JF 1.51adp

Here are a few screenshots of the beautiful theme:

1244062852762 device8png

device2 device3

device41 device5

device6 device7

Download the theme here.

3. Aero Haykuro 6.0r1

A look at a few screenshots of the theme :



Download this theme here.

4. Stargate G1 jfrc33 1.42 /adp 1.1h

Here’s a sneak peak at how the theme looks :

1231290918585 1231290936826

1231290976863 1231290995948


Instructions for downloading and installation :

1.first you need root and jf rc33 (1.42) or adp 1.1h.

2.just change the name to and add it to your phones sd card.

3.shut the phone off and boot your phone in to recovery mode by holding the home+(red)power button until you get to a android system recovery screen.

4.then press ALT+S .. and there your done now.

To download jfrc33 1.42, click here and for adp 1.1h, click here.

5. ANDROID PLUS (+) for Dude’s Cupcake 1.2 a/b

This theme is basically a combination of the Aero theme and the Gloss Suite theme, along with some more advancements.

Here are a few screenshots of the theme :

dialer1 home_bar

home_comb home_steel

Home widgets, download here.

Icon Pack, download here.

Complete Theme Pack, download here.

6. Macdroid v2.3 RC33

A look at a few screenshots of the theme :

1232849934767 1232850065635

1232850119587 1232860979526

Macdroid 2.3 RC33, download here.

Macdroid Add-on, download here.

Macdroid 2.3 RC33 Dark Notification, download here.

Macdroid 2.2 RC30, download here.

Macdroid RC30 (Dark taskbar), download here.

Macdroid 2.2 ADP1.1, download here.

Macdroid 2.2 RC8, download here.

7. Juggalos and Juggalettes JF 1.5.

This theme works with JF 1.5

Here’s a look at the theme :

screenshot1243733213421 screenshot1243733276418


Download this theme here.

8. Dark Symmetry

A look at the beautiful theme :



Download this theme here.

Keep an eye on this post for further updates.

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