HP to join Android netbook bandwagon?

We have got news of HEWLETT-PACKARD Co. (aka HP), “studying” the Google Android OS and the market, probably to be used in their netbooks.

Marlene Somsak, spokeswoman for Palo Alto, California-based HP, was heard saying “We are interested in understanding all the various operating system (OS) choices in the marketplace that could be used by our competitors. With respect to Google Android, we’re studying the OS in general and looking at its computing and communications capabilities.”

However, Hewlett-Packard refused to comment on any Android product in the making.

We can definitely see a surge in the growth of netbooks sale in the past couple of years. This growth has mainly been due to the low pricing of the devices, as compared to the notebooks, and also its compact size.

If Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s report is to be believed, the sales of netbooks is expected to double this year, whereas, the notebooks industry is expected to grow by just 1.2%.

Everyday, we are experiencing something new happening in the Android market. Till date, the PC, notebook and the netbook OS market was dominated by companies like Windows, Apple and Linux. But, the rate of growth of the Android market forces me to believe that this market is going to be dominated by Android very soon. The main reason for this would be the fact that Android comes for free. So, this would reduce the prices of the devices to a large extent. Also, it is an open source initiative. So, this gives the developer a larger horizon to explore.

via Businessmirror

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