How important is HTC HERO for HTC and Android OS?

It has been three years since the Apple released their iPhone and since then, we have seen a lot companies coming out with “iPhone-killers”, but no company till now has been actually able to offer something that iPhone offers: coolness. As odd as it sounds, but people now want easy-to-use interface, something which has no-to-very-little learning curve. HTC has released a lot handsets in the past few years and lets face it, it is through HTC that Windows Mobile is alive till now. Otherwise, it would been dead a long time back.

Last year, HTC came up with T-Mobile G1, which was the first Google Android phone, but it was never touted as ‘iphone-killer’, because it just was not one. By various online sources, HTC HERO is going to be the first real “iPhone-killer” and I too agree that HTC HERO is the first phone that has a UI that is more slick and fluid than iPhone’s UI. The phone is so much straight forward and easy to use and combined with the power and flexibility of the Android OS, looks we’ve a winner in our hands.


HTC has done a tremendous work in customizing the Google Android OS so that even a beginner can jump-start using it. It is, however, interesting to note that myriad of HTC’s Windows Mobile phones are running the same processor  suffer from sluggishness. I am not sure the reason behind this: either Android OS is highly CPU efficient or Windows Mobile is a BETA product. Whatever the case is, we are sure about one thing: Google Android OS will very soon become the favorite OS of a lot of people around.

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