Download mk68 RKM Stock Firmware, How to Flash Instructions

Factory a k a stock firmware for the mk68 RKM android TV box is now available for download. This android TV box is powered by octa core Rockhip RK3368 processor and comes with 2 gigabytes of memory, 16GB of flash storage, dual band Wi-Fi and Ethernet connector. A firmware restore is suggested in case your want to factory reset mk68 or recover a bricked android TV box.

1. Download firmware from here. Also get the driver and update tools for RK3368 from here. You will need a PC running windows and a micro USB cable as well. To install the drivers, go to Rockchip’s folder and start \ DriverAssitant_v4.3 \ driverinstall.exe as administrator. You will get Windows security message asking you to get permission to install the driver. Click on install to proceed.

factory reset mk68

2. Now disconnect the Mk68 device and start FactoryTool_v1.39 \ program FactoryTool.exe. Press the Firmware button and select the firmware bearing IMG extension. Hold down the reset button on the device and connect the microUSB cable with a USB connector on your PC. Now connect the power cord and upgrade program will detect the android TV and install drivers.

Download mk68 RKM Stock Firmware

3. Press the RUN button which will start the update process. When the process completes, the button will turn green.