Download Beelink iONE i826 Firmware for new features and factory reset

Beelink iONE i826 Firmware is available for download. This firmware can be used to bring your android TV to factory settings. It will also bring new enhancements and features that were not previously available.

Download Beelink iONE i826 Firmware

1. Download the firmware from here. Now get a micro SD card and format it with Amlogic BootcardMaker tool. You can download that tool from here.
2. Run the Amlogic BootcardMaker on your PC and select the driver letter for your micro SD card. Click on the Open button and browse for the u-boot.bin file that was downloaded along with Bootcardmakrer. Then click on the Make button to commence flashing of firmware on to the SD card. 

3. Now that the micro SD card is ready, copy all the firmware files to the root of card.
4. Plug the card in your Beelink iONE i826 and press the recovery button that is located on the A/V connector and turn on the TV box simultaneously. If everything works fine, you will see an Android logo with a percentage bar.

When the percentage bar reaches 100 percent, new firmware will be installed and your Beelink iONE i826 will be resetted. You can learn more about Beelink iONE i826 here.