Disney’s Alice in Wonderland game, now on your Android powered cell phone

Yes, you read that right. The famous story of Alice in Wonderland and Throught the Looking Glass is soon being launched as a game for various platforms, including Android. It is being developed by French dev Etranges Libellules, to complement the release of  Tim Burton’s upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland.



“These games fully capture the magnificent and whimsical world of Underland while experiencing key moments from the film,” said Craig Relyea, senior vice president of global marketing, Disney Interactive Studios. “More than just a retelling of the movie, Alice in Wonderland introduces fans to an entirely new style of innovative gameplay designed to challenge the puzzle solving skills of older players while making the adventures accessible and enjoyable for the younger crowd. Innovative gameplay and distinct artistic styles on each platform gives players a range of unique and engaging experiences.”

The “promo” version of the game will be available in the month of December this year, while the full version will be released in Feb 2010. The other platforms for which the game will be available, include Apple (iPhone), BlackBerry and Java/Brew.

So, all you gaming freaks, get ready for an adventure ride with Alice, in her Wonderland !!

[via crunchgear]

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