Dell to shake hands with Google : planning an Android powered internet device for the year-end

Some time back, we had reported that Dell is planning to launch an Android powered mobile phone soon. So, this news might not be new to you. But, the surprise element is that this device will be a MID (Mobile Internet Device) and not a mobile phone.

Supposedly, this will be a internet device, much like Apple’s iPod Touch, which does not include a phone module. The name of the device is not known yet. But it is expected to release in the second half of 2009.

Is Dell launching this device as a competition to Apple’s iPod Touch ? Will it have the same features as the iPod Touch ? The answers to these questions are unknown yet. We are even unsure about the price of the device. But, the device seems to be quite promising, as Dell has already produced many internet devices in the past, without a phone module. And, most of them have been quite popular in the market.

[via cnet]

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