Beelink GT1 firmware for Classic and Ultimate variants download links

Beelink GT1 firmware

This is a latest firmware for the Beelink GT1 Classic and Ultimate editions. Bear in mind that these firmwares are for the models whose serial numbers start with LPN1. So make sure you have the right android TV.

Download the Beelink GT1 Classic and Ultimate firmware from here. You can either update via PC or through USB flash drive.

We need an SD card or USB memory that will be formatted completely. If it does not go with a type of external unit try a different one. There may be compatibility problems or our TV-Box can be updated only from USB or SD. Then, download the Burn Card Maker program to create our external drive to update or restore the TV-Box.

The first thing is to change the language to English to make it more understandable, we go to the second option top menu. We select English, OK, we close the program and restart it.

In the top drop-down we select where we have our SD card or USB drive.
Mark” To Partition and Format”
Click on” Open” and select the IMG file of our firmware.
Click on” Make” to start the process of creating the external memory.

A message will appear that will tell us that the partition system has been generated and we accept
A message will appear to format the unit> Start> Accept> Close

As soon as the formatting process is finished, a blue bar will appear and it will be completed.
Once finished we will have our unit created and we can close the program.

In the unit we created we have three files: aml_sdc_burn.ini aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT fichero.img (it is the one with all the firmware image).

With the TV-Box turned off with the power cable disconnected, we introduce our SD or USB drive.
We leave the Flash Mode button pressed (in some models it is inside the audio / av jack) and connect the power cable, we wait for the update percentage to appear automatically.

The process can take from 4 to 12 minutes, wait without disconnecting the TV-Box from the current.
If the recovery menu appears, the process has not gone well, it is necessary to repeat it with another SD or USB.
The SD or USB memory that we have used will have a special hidden partition that has been created in the process, if you reuse it and recover all the space it is recommended to use Minitool Partition Wizard, delete all the partitions and recreate a single one.