Another Android phone in the making : the General Mobile DSTL1. Also includes a video

General Mobile is planning to sell its DSTL1, powered by Android 1.5 aka cupcake, in the US and Turkey by the end of June. The DSTL1 is a dual-sim phone which also sports a 624MHz processor, a 5MP camera with flash(made by Sony), FM Radio, bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi. It also comes with a 4GB inbuilt memory. And, an extra battery and  a desktop charger is also said to be included in the box.

There is no confirmed news about its price but it is expected to sell for about US$550 to $750.

If this report is to be believed, then the DSTl1 would be the first non-HTC Android device in the market.

Here’s a video showing the DSTL1, running Android.

[via androidauthority]

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