Android to hit Japan on July 10

Android just hit the Asian market (read India) with the launch of HTC Magic, a couple of days back. Now, Google’s Eric Chu sent a note to the application developers, in which he had mentioned that Android will be launched in Japan on July 10. He also mentioned that Android is also supposed to hit Bulgaria and Romania some time in the future.

He mentioned in the note “These markets do not yet have Android devices but we expect them to become available soon. Also, the first Android-powered phone will launch in Japan on July 10th (local time), after which free apps will be visible to users in that market. ”

There was no mention about which Android devices would be available in these countries. Also, we have no clue about the pricing and data plans. But, Android is surely going places.  It remains to be seen, how an open-source OS does in the Asian market.

[via androidauthority]

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