Android 2.0, codenamed “Donut” in the making

The craze around the Android 1.5 cupcake is still ablaze. Many people are still a couple of days away from even getting the Cupcake update. And today, we have got some news about another update, Android 2.0 aka “Donut”.

It seems, Google is already working on the next update of Android, codenamed “Donut”.

In an open discussion forum in Google groups, Mike Lockwood talked about a new Kernel being developed, named “Donut”. There are no other reports or details about the features that would come with Donut.

Android Framework Engineer Dianne Hackborn said that a detailed roadmap and feature list on Donut is not yet available due to concerns about “implied commitments that people are then going to base device schedules around when we are not confident enough about them.”

Some of the vital features missing from Android 1.0 was corrected with Android 1.5. Now, let us wait and see what Android 2.0 has to offer.

via [androinica]

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