Acer to launch Android netbooks in Q4

Acer has announced its plans to launch Android powered netbooks in the fourth quarter of 2009. Recently, ASUS had also reported its decision to launch Android powered “smartbook”.

“Today’s netbooks are not close to perfection at all. In two years, it will all be very different,” Jim Wong, Acer’s global president for IT products, said at a news conference at Computex show, recently held in Taipei, “If we do not continue to change our mobile Internet devices, consumers may not choose then any more.”

There are no reports about the pricing or the specifications. But, probably, it will run on Atom processor.

Every other day, we get news of an Android powered netbook being launched by some company. Will this prove to be a big threat to the current netbooks OS giant, Microsoft ?

May be, its too early to predict. Android is a new OS and its success or failure will, to a large extent, depend on the kind of and the number of applications that will be able to run on it.

[via nytimes]

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